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Mountain Stream Ministries was founded by Rick W. Fultz in 1996. God birthed a desrie in Rick to minister to people beyond the four walls of the tradtional Church! Rick encourages people through counsel, teaching, and prophetic insight. MSM accomplishes this by providing teaching, and media to encourage the body of Christ on its journey towards maturity.

MSM has been prepared by the Holy Spirit to minister a prophetic, timely word to those seeking for God' s purpose for their lives.

After 30 years of ministry, one might think there is nothing else left, but only to maintain. Well, that is not the case with us at Mountain Stream Ministries. We/I have gone through a process that this web page could not contain. In our pursuit of God's will, being careful not to focus only on what we could get from God, and laying aside some of the things we had previously been taught like (name it and claim it) we suddenly discovered God in a completely new dimension! What a joy it is to discover God!

We have discovered how to walk with Him in a completely new venue unreligious dimension and yes, He does bless those that obey His principles for living a life in Him.

We are keenly aware that God tells us to love His Church. We love Church in the correct sense of the word. We gather as His Church and worship as His sons and daughters should. Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth seems to work, if you know what I mean.

We are not caught up in religious rituals that only serves to condemn people. We have learned to be God's sons and daughters instead of going through mundane, boring, religious exercises trying to appear holy. God has truly shown His mercy towards us as He took us through a religious detoxification.

We chose to allow God to rid our lives of anything that is toxic to His will for our lives.

It has been a learning experience. At times, it has been difficult and painful. We understand the methodology of serving God, as some have made it a method, but we have a passion that goes far beyond any method that puts God in a box. Religious people put God in a box with their predetermined concept of how they think God should show up or operate in their life and Church.

I fear that some have walked with Him as the two disciples did on the Road to Emmaus. They walked beside Him for seven miles discussing the things that had happened just three days before. He spoke with them and they did not recognize Him. These two were not heathens. They were followers of Christ! These disciples whom Jesus had taught just days before, did not know Him. Is God walking in their midst and for some reason they are not able recognize Him?

As you have figured out by reading this, we have paid a great price to walk with God in the liberty He intends. We yearn to LIVE, and MOVE, and HAVE OUR BEING in His holy habitation. Maybe you can relate to what I have just written.

Anyway, I pray you discover God as you pursue His Kingdom. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and,…well you know the rest of the story.

Our ministry purpose is to assist those who are truly seeking after a real relationship with God, teach them Godly principles, and encourage them along their journey, so they too might discover God's intended purpose for their life.

"Show people The Light, unobstructed by religiosity, and they will clearly SEE the way."

In His Rest,
Rick Fultz